Kisii University Vice Chancellor

By | May 10, 2019

Kisii University Vice Chancellor, Wednesday 1st September 2018 marked a new dawn as the varsity opened its doors for the fine residue that subdued the examination razor that left almost three quarter of the candidates who sat for the 2017 Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education. Though the low number of students placed by the KUCCPS, the university has recorded a hundred per cent turn up during the intake.

With the pride of making to the highest level of education in the academic heights, expecting nothing but quality, the young elites flooded the varsity Chancellor’s Pavilion with their parents as early as six am in the morning, braving the chilly Kisii region weather. Amongst the top ten universities that received high number of students, Kisii University has been ranked the 6th on statistical basis receiving a population of 1849 students.

Through the whole week, the students were walked around through the various departments and students associations that exist in campus. Dean of Students Madam Gladys Osoro asked them to beware of bad influential company that will ruin their education and make their stay in campus a living hell.

Crowning the first years’ week, the Vice Chancellor Professor John S Akama challenged the first, fresh breed of 2018/2019 students to sink their efforts towards education and academic excellence. He urged the students to be purpose oriented, aim into their goals ,remember the hustle and hard hurdles their parents and guardians are undergoing just to aid make their stay and learning in campus smooth and amicable. He also requested them to exploit the available limited resources that the varsity has.

 ‘’ make the university a home away from home and live it after your fourth year a better place, admired by all the human races.’’