Kisii University Ladies

By | May 2, 2019

Kisii University Ladies, In a case of its kind,a first year student of Kisii University has released a list of 100 students he has infected with HIV.The student,who has no regrets wrote the names and pinned them in one of the mele hostels in the campus.

Moraa who joined the university this year said:

I have decided to list the names of students I have infected in 3 months. I have categorically left those who used protection.Girls,be careful with these beasts”

Part of the lists has the following names:


Izo wa pool

Ombeta Alvin

Gilbert Nyachieo


Eric aka fresh

Mathew Monda

Eric Nyabera

Otuke Gabriel

Mike Onserio

James aka moneybag.

Two student leaders

There are also other names not in this list.