Kenya Methodist University

By | June 24, 2019

Kenya Methodist University, Kenya Methodist University is a chartered Christian university, with the main campus situated in Meru and campuses at Nairobi and Mombasa. KeMU offers PHD, masters, undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate programmes.

Kenya Methodist University is the product of a long process of educational planning and development envisioned, proposed and facilitated by the Methodist Church in Kenya.  Its conception was brought about by an idea to set up an institution that would respond to the needs of ordinary Kenyans as well as answer to the areas on demand in the market that would encourage communities to develop.

  •      1986 – A vision to establish a university by the Methodist Church is announced
  •      1987 – A working committee is formed to study the possibility of establishing a Methodist University.
  •      1991 – The trust deed for the establishment of the proposed university is drawn
  •      1992 – The draft proposal is completed and approved by the commission of higher education.
  •      1995 – Professor Mutuma Mugambi was appointed the pioneer principal of the proposed university.

In July 1997 the university was officially authorized to operate as a private university through a letter of interim authority from the commission of higher education. Subsequently, the pioneer group of students was admitted in September 1997.

KeMU’s accreditation began in June 1989 when the working committee submitted the first draft of the proposal to the Commission of Higher Education. The interactions between the commission and the Kenya Methodist University were characterized by discussions and inspections by the commission’s specialist committees. This led to the award of charter in June 28th 2006 by His Excellency president Mwai Kibaki.

The award of charter made KeMU the seventh private university to be accorded full accreditation status in Kenya and marked an important milestone in the history of university education in Kenya.


To be a world class Christian University raising a generation of professionals and transformational leaders.


To contribute to the transformation of our society by providing high quality education that promotes excellence in scholarship, research and selfless service.

Our Philosophy

The University’s philosophy is to foster the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of the wholesome individual in order to recognize and utilize the available opportunities for enhancement of human development with the appropriate recognition and respect for other creations. This philosophy is therefore based on the belief that God is the creator of Heaven and earth, and the fountain of knowledge, and that the application of knowledge and skills should be guided by Christian values and principles.


La Borare est Orare (English: “To work is to Pray”)


The future is here

Objectives of the University

The University’s mission is achieved through the following broad objectives:

  • To provide quality training through provision of scholarship, advancement of knowledge through research and development of specialized activities in the University;
  • To produce effective graduates with the appropriate practical and specialized skills, attitudes and values required for personal growth and advancement of responsible citizens in the global environment;
  • To participate in community service through provision of continuing education, conduction of research, participation in external services, provision of specialist consultative or referral services, facilitation of community empowerment, promotion of fairness and natural justice, and maintenance of good neighborliness with the community.


The Guide to KeMU values is intended to guide staff and students and all other friends of the university in respect to moral, academic, professional and social values appropriate to Kenya Methodist University.

The embodiment of these values by the Kenya Methodist University community, and all other friends of the University around the world, is in-keeping with the sponsor’s vision to found a Christian university that produces professionally competent men and woman of integrity.

The University Management embraces the sponsor’s vision that graduates who are spiritually well nurtured and professionally competent are the salt and the light of the world and the consequently effective agents of transforming the world. A guide to the KeMU values, is intended to facilitate the process of transformation.


Moral Values

1.     Integrity

2.     Sanctity of Marriage Covenant

3.     Christian Parenting

4.     Sanctity of Human Sexuality (as clearly defined in the marriage bond)

5.     Sanctity of Life

6.     Respect for Elders

7.     Abstinence from the use Hard Drugs

Professional Values

1.     Respect of Rules and Regulations

2.     Loyalty

3.     Team Work

4.     Stewardship

5.     Transparency

6.     Servant hood Leadership

7.     Intellectual honesty

8.     Creativity

9.     Holistic education

10.  Fairness

Social Values

1.     Professionalism in Staff-Student Interactions

2.     Gender Sensitivity (Sexual harassment is wrong)

3.     Rights of Persons of all Ethnic Groups

4.     Peaceful Settlement of Disputes

5.     Proper Personal Hygiene (to include appropriate dress code)

6.   Cleanliness of the Environment


Moral Values

1.    Integrity in behavior

2.     Maturity in behavior

3.    Participation in Community service

4.     Peace-making, Conflict Resolution, and Responsible Dressing

5.  Refraining from the use or sale of Illegal Drugs 

Social Values

1.     Personal Hygiene and Good Grooming

2.     Harmonious Living with each other

3.     Good Choice of Friends (positive influence)


Moral Values

1.    Moral Values Relating to Human Relations

2.     Protection of Image of the University

3.     Honorable Business Transactions

4.     Mutual Respect among Development Partners

5.     Avoiding Conflict of Interest

6.     Honorable Employment practices

Professional Values

1.    Practice of Professional Standards

2.    Excellence in Academic Life

3.    Strong Work Ethic

4.    Respect for the Authority of the university

6.  Stewardship (prudent management of university resources)

Civil Values

1.     Service to Neighbors

2.     Participation in Social Responsibility

3.     KeMU as a Societal Role Model

Civil Values

1.   Civic Pride

2.    Patriotism

3.    Corporate Responsibility (adherence to national law)

4.     Neutral Social-Political Affiliation (KeMU nonpartisan)


Meru Campus
P.O. Box 267 – 60200,
Meru, Kenya.
Telephone: 064-3131279/3131097             
Safaricom: 0724-256162
Airtel: 0734-310655
Fax: 064-30162
Email: [email protected]
Nairobi Campus
KeMU Hub Building,
Monrovia Street,
P.O. Box 45240 – 00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Telephone:020 2248172/020 2247987/0774 24 22 28
Safaricom: 0725-751878
Airtel: 0735-701311
Fax: 020-248160
Email: [email protected]  
Mombasa Campus
Former Oshwal Academy building,
Narok Road, off Tom Mboya Avenue, Buxton,
P.O. Box 89983-80100,
Mombasa, Kenya.
Safaricom: 0715120282
Telephone: 254-041-2495945
Airtel: 0731190932
Fax: 041-2495946
Administrative Email Contacts
[email protected] – Vice Chancellor
[email protected] – Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
[email protected] – Dean of Students
[email protected] – Registrar Administration
[email protected] – Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration and Finance[email protected]  – ICT Department
Academic Email Contacts
[email protected] – Academic Registrar
[email protected] – Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
[email protected] – Dean School of Business
[email protected] – Dean School Of Health Sciences
[email protected] – Dean Research Development