All About Kamata School Of Music

By | February 3, 2017

All About Kamata School Of Music

Kamata School of Music Description

At Kamata School of Music where us of Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Violin, Saxophone, DJ, Sound Eng., Music/video production and Dance Lessons. Kenya Best.
There’s nothing that can replace the value of learning a music instrument with a great teacher. Whether you are picking up a guitar for the first time or are advanced and looking to break out of a rut and expand your capabilities, you need a teacher who is dedicated to helping achieve your goals. You need a qualified tutor, hosting a wealth of experience in building musical skills.

Kamata School of Music offers just that. The school creates a platform; an enabling environment to achieve your musical dreams amidst your tight schedules and calendar. We Instruct in

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Saxophone
  • Violin
  • Clarinet
  • Recorder
  • Percussions

Kamata School of Music – Structure:

All music instrument lessons follow a common pattern of schedule. Each session takes 1Hr. We have various categories of sessions

Tutorials: These are held one on one with the tutor and guide the student to develop technical skills on an instrument. Tutorials also comprise music Theory; the foundation of musical understanding.
Interactive Learning: The student interacts with other musicians and learns diverse techniques while demonstrating the newly acquired skills. The interaction is Fun and an Interesting way of finding new musical challenges to tackle.
Live Sessions: Team Work. The student gains exposure in harmoniously playing alongside other instrumentalists. This borrows Live Band patterns where instrumentalists complement each other to enrich music. These sessions will make you want to remain at Kamata School forever, they are so much FUN. You would Sign Up just to have a glimpse of this.
The Challenge. Up to the task? Kamata School gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills in events organized by the school. This is a stepping stone for music enthusiasts and students wanting to further a career in music. You will gain practical experience on stage performance, audience engagement, posture, event management and myriad skills in entertainment management.


Creating music and sound for audio releases, film, video games or any other medium involves a unique combination of technical expertise and aesthetic sensibility. Kamata School of Music Production & Sound Design for Audio Media program offers a unique collaborative environment for music composition and sound production with an emphasis on industry-standard production technologies for the ever-expanding world of audio and visual media.

Studying Composition & Music Production at Kamata School provides a dynamic learning environment for the creation of original music. Music producers, songwriters, media composers, electronic musicians and creative performers will develop their own unique blend of creation, performance, production and professional skills, for a music career in a dynamic music industry.

  • The enrolling student ought to have knowledge of at least one music instrument. Alternatively we shall enroll them for Piano Lessons before proceeding to Music Production.
  • The entire course takes duration of 3 months.
  • Each session is an Hour and the time schedule can be tailored to suit the student pattern. Up to 4 sessions may be taken in a week.


DJ workshops and projects have been shown to increase school attendance, self-confidence and creativity.

With years of experience, proven curriculum, world class instructors, affordable pricing, and flexible class schedules, you’ll be learning to DJ in no time. Plus you’ll be a part of an amazing community of like-minded people in a non-competitive, mentor-heavy DJ learning environment.

Our DJ program is the most comprehensive package for DJ’ing. We train not only in DJ but also Video Mixing and Sound technique, all rolled up in one, at no additional charge. Our DJ program equips the student with valuable theoretical resource to tackle any challenge in a future career.

  • We seek to offer attachment to enthusiastic students emptying them to a world of opportunities in DJ’ing.
  • Each session is 1Hr; however students have the option of taking Double sessions to allow adequate practice time.
  • The timing of the sessions is flexible, your busy schedule is no reason to skip this great and enjoyable moment in life; Learning DJ’ing.


Dance promotes fitness, imparts poise and creates self-confidence. Join us on the dance floor and learn more about the fascinating world of dance. We have fantastic teachers, amazing musicians and an atmosphere that inspires learning.

  • Kamata School of Dance offers classes in Salsa, classical ballet, modern and contemporary dances such as Break Dance and Hip Hop.
  • Kamata Dance Division has achieved a reputation throughout the dance world in Kenya for the superior quality of its artistic training.
  • Kamata School of Dance aims to create true contemporary dancers – trained equally in contemporary and classical modern dance.
  • Kamata School opens the dancer’s eyes and minds to all the choreographic possibilities that lie ahead. Many of our former students have gone on to successful careers as choreographers.

Sessions are Hourly; flexible time schedule can be tailored to suit the client’s convenience. The full program comprises 23 sessions.


There are fundamental concepts you need to understand: how your camera’s shutter speed scale works; how focal length affects your composition; how your aperture controls what’s sharp.

Our Photography Classes give you the technical know-how to start making the most of your camera, as a professional or a well skilled photographer, whilst helping you develop a creative approach to photography.
This hands-on, practical program explore the art of great photography, covering a broad range of subjects and providing a dynamic learning experience. You will leave your course with an array of beautiful pictures and an in-depth understanding of the photographer’s process.


 College Name: Kamata School of Music
County: Nairobi County
Physical Address: Woodland House, 1st Floor, Moi Avenue
Postal Address: P.O. Box 2512, Nairobi 00202
Mobile: 0722-137784, 0720-050621
E-mail: [email protected]