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By | June 21, 2019

Daystar University Website, Your have come to the right place in your search for quality higher education. At Daystar University, we equip students holistically, and our graduates meet not only the academic demands of the working world, but are of high moral integrity. We aspire to be an institution that transforms the church and society through instilling Christian values to the students who study at Daystar University.

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Welcome to Daystar University’s website.

I am extremely delighted to join the Great Family of Daystar University as your 4th Vice-Chancellor. I must admit that this task is far beyond my talents and sincerely ask for your prayers and support as we shepherd our University to far higher greatness than it has achieved before.

Daystar being a faith-based institution of higher learning, my mission will be to provide quality and value-added education motivated by a spirit of faith and zeal. I therefore give my commitment to uphold the tenets of our Christian teachings and philosophy within the context of the existential realities of our time.

I am determined to offer leadership that will prepare our students for a life dedicated to achievement, leadership, and service to the church and society in line with the University’s vision and mission. I hope to evoke a deep awareness of God’s loving presence in our lives and arouse within us a consciousness of our dignity if only we seek to always do what is right. During my tenure as the Vice-Chancellor of Daystar University, I hope to:

  • Foster and invigorate a community of Faith.
  • Celebrate the value and dignity of each person and nurture the development of the whole person by enhancing opportunities in faith formation, academics, and extra-curricular activities. Call for collaboration and shared responsibility in our mission as a Christ-centered University providing Quality Education.
  • Pursue excellence in all our endeavours.
  • Promote Servant Leadership as a way of life well beyond our time at Daystar.

Finally, at Daystar, I envisage a renewed University that will provide a safe and modern learning environment where each student’s educational experience will be expanded through the use of technology, and that our diverse learners will be presented with more opportunities for academic enrichment. Under my watch, we will more fully develop each student’s social conscience by fostering increased opportunities for meaningful service to humanity.

This is my commitment.

Prof. Laban Ayiro

Vice Chancellor, Daystar Universit