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By | June 21, 2019

Daystar University Latest News, Since 11th May 2019, the Vice-Chancellor Prof Laban Ayiro has been facilitating Research seminars for stagnated post-graduate students with the aim of preparing them to complete their theses and graduate. The six-part seminars were scheduled to end on 15th June.

Addressing the students at the start, the VC urged them to subject themselves to the highest level of academic rigor and sacrifice, but to also expect God to lift them to levels they have never imagined.

“If you genuinely work hard you will graduate in time,” he enthused, adding that Daystar would not entertain half-baked academic degrees. He further said the quality of the Master’s degree graduate Daystar was looking for will come from individual sacrifice.

“We at Daystar are more fortunate as a higher academic institution since we have all the databases suitable for an excellent academic environment,” he concluded.