Chuka University Swimming Pool

By | April 24, 2019

Chuka University Swimming Pool, Swimming is a luxury that only the people with a little more notes in their wallets can afford especially this ‘njaanuary’ where almost 80% of Kenyans are living in a bit harsh economic state. But while you are eating your skumawiki x ugali or strungi in the morning, Chuka Uni socialite is busy having fun with her SPONSOR (We can’t name the sponsor as of now)

The socialite who was recently dissed and ashamed by popular Radio presenter; Joe Muchiri has now made headlines at Chuka Uni Gossip website after a video of her struggling to swim surfaced online. It so happens that the campus diva has never learned how to swim or, as an awkward assumption, she has never seen a swimming pool. However, since she was being sponsored by some older guy, all she could do was to impress her by trying the baby pool.After the video was uploaded to the gram, most people were willing to be her Swimming Instructor (SI) Check evidence below;