Chuka University Student Killed

By | April 24, 2019

Chuka University Student Killed, A second-year Computer Science student from Chuka University is said to have taken his own life after he found out that his girlfriend was sleeping with other men.

The student, identified as Kelvin Mugendi left behind a suicide note addressed to ‘Stella Njeri Kagendo’ who is believed to be the girlfriend.​

According to JR Saitoti, Secretary General of the students’ union, Kevin committed suicide on Wednesday night, April 4. He confirmed that Kevin also wrote a letter to his mother before he died.

The suicide note which was supposedly written by Kevin showed how much he loved the girl.

“You were a friend, a person I could confide in, and most importantly, a lover. I trusted you (until I found you were ******* another man). I gave you my heart hell!…I even gave you my life,” read part of the note.

The note also revealed how deep their ‘relationship’ was, the two allegedly having opened a bank account together.

“You are my queen (or were now that I’m f***** dead!) I forever treat you with love respect and compassion. The cuddles we shared, the kisses, the sex, we even have a bank account. (Congratulations it’s now all yours.)