Chuka University Room Booking

By | April 17, 2019

Chuka University Room Booking, a student will be considered for room allocation subject to the following conditions:

1.Availability of bed space

2.Rooms will be allocated on a ‘first come first served basis’ upon full payment of the semester fees and subsequent registration

3.Residents MUST maintain proper decorum in the halls of residence. They MUST behave appropriately with the staff and fellow residents. Gross indiscipline of any kind shall attract penalties and will be treated as disqualification for readmission.

Applicants should go through the following rules and regulations and undertake to abide by them.

1.Students will occupy the bed space in the room and maintain acceptable conduct. No resident is allowed to shift from one duly allotted room to another room without the prior written permission of the chief halls officer.

2.Use of electrical appliances such as immersion rods, heaters, electric blowers etc. inside rooms is strictly prohibited. Use of transistors, television sets and music systems may be allowed up to 11:00 PM, provided the volume does not disturb other residents within the said room and not audible beyond the same room. Illegalelectrical appliances found within the rooms will be confiscated and students penalized

3.Residents are required to switch off the lights and all electronic gadgets while leaving the room.

4.Cooking in any form (Electric, Solar, Gas, Charcoal etc) inside the rooms of residence is prohibited. In case of offences causing fire, the parents/guardians have to compensate for the damages and the offenders will have to bear criminal liability.

5.Kitchenettes have been provided for all cooking and warming of water

6.Tapping of electricity from the light bulbs is strictly prohibited

7.For security reasons resident students are

(a) Required to use their locks and not to leave the room unlocked when they are not in their rooms in order to safeguard their personal belongings against theft,

(b) Not allowed to give their room keys to any unauthorized person

(c) Allowed to entertain their guests in rooms of residence from 10 am to 10 pm only. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against both the resident and the visitor in violation of this rule.

8.There shall be no hawking or other commercial business within halls of residence

9.There shall be no illegal hosting of any unauthorized person in the rooms of residence or renting. Renting of rooms shall attract disciplinary procedures

10.There shall be no damage to the room or any of the issued items in the room. Each resident is responsible for the care and maintenance of the room and furniture provided to him/her. As an when necessary the rooms may be inspected by the chief halls officer, custodian or the Hostel Committee Members even in the absence of the resident. 

11.Residents must keep their rooms and surroundings clean and tidy .Walls must not disfigure. Graffiti is strictly prohibited and Residents are advised not to paste posters directly on the walls and doors.

12.If the room requires repairs beyond normal levels at the end of the session, the cost of the repairs will be met by the residents. Students are liable to pay for any damage caused to property either jointly or with others and face disciplinary action

13.There shall be no ferrying of cutlery or any other unauthorized item from the dining hall or any other place to the halls of residence. No furniture should be shifted from one room to another without the prior permission of the halls administration.

14.The University management has full authority for inspection of the room at any one time as they may wish.

15.The University reserves the right to accept or reject application for room allocation


  • Keys remain the property of the university at all times
  •  Students should neither take the keys home during vacations nor lose them
  • Keys must not be duplicated; however, any loss must be reported to the halls officer who shall replace them at a fee.
  • Keys must be handed over to the custodians during clearance at the end of each semester.

17.For room maintenance purposes, residents will not engage any unauthorized person for personal service in the halls of residence. No member of staff in the accommodation department will be engaged by a resident student for his/her personal job.


  1. Noises or actions within the hostel area must be controlled not to interrupt others who are    
  2. studying or sleeping
  3. Public decency in clothing should be observed especially outside the room.
  4. In case of acute illness or emergency matters at night, request other roommates to inform the security team or night shift assistant in order to get assistance to seek treatment.
  5. Please do inform your roommate(s) if you are not staying overnight in the hostel and leave your contact details where you can be reached in the event of an emergency.
  6. Always be ready to assist others, report illegal activities and ensure safety in the University.

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  1. Maintenance of hygiene and cleaning of hostel rooms shall be undertaken by all the students staying in each room
  2. Do not leave any items in the corridors to prevent the environment from being dirty and messy. All shoes must be placed in the rooms or properly arranged on the threshold.
  3. Do not litter or spit in public areas in the hostel such as the corridor, lounge, front and back stairs etc. Rubbish must be disposed of at the rubbish bins in the kitchenettes.
  4. Flowers: spitting, stepping and hanging clothes on flower beds is strictly prohibited. Any items found placed on flowers shall be confiscated. 


Illegal tapping of electricity and cooking in the rooms is dangerous to the occupants and university property, ignoring safety rules and procedure will result to disciplinary action and attract a fine of not less than KSH 5000/-

The University will also eject offenders from the rooms regardless of the stage within the semester and blacklist them from ever getting accommodation within the University.

All damages MUST be settled before a student is cleared to leave the University at the end of their study period.

Students found and confirmed to have committed the following offences may be immediately ordered to vacate their rooms:

  1. Arson or willfully causing fire in the hostel.
  2. Intentionally set off alarm system when there is no emergency.
  3. Unauthorized use or damage done to any emergency or safety equipment.
  4. Inflicting bodily harm on others.
  5. Unauthorized duplication of keys.
  6. Stealing public property or others’ personal belongings.
  7. Any other incident not specified in this rule but has significant impact on the hostel and determined by the Hostel Management Committee as a serious offence. 

Rules & regulations are subject to change from time to time and these will be notified as and when required. Residents are liable to fine /expulsion for breach of these directive