Chuka University Prequalification

By | April 23, 2019

Chuka University Prequalification, Chuka University invites tenders from eligible and interested firms for registration & pre-qualification of suppliers for supply of goods, provision of works and services for the financial year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

CU / REG/1/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Timber, poles and related products
CU / REG/2/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Electrical Materials
CU / REG/3/16-17Supply and Delivery of Sportswear, games Equipment and related materials.
CU / REG/4/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Medical drugs and dressings
CU / REG/5/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Farm inputs and animal feeds
CU / REG/6/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Motor vehicle spare parts, tyres, tubes and batteries
CU / REG/7/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Meat and allied products
CU / REG/8/16-17Supply and delivery of perishable food stuff
CU / REG/9/16-17Supply and delivery of fresh milk
CU / REG/10/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Poultry and allied products
CU / REG/11/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Fuel, Oil and Lubricants
CU / REG/12/16-17Supply and Delivery of  cooking gas
CU / REG/13/16-17Supply and Delivery of  firewood and charcoal
CU / REG/14/16-17Supply, Delivery, Installation and servicing of Fire Fighting Equipment
CU /REG/15/16-17Supply and delivery of Veterinary drugs, Vaccines and Veterinary Equipment
CU /REG/16/16-17Supply and delivery of building materials e.g Sand, Ballast, Hardcore, Murrum, Burnt bricks e.t.c
CU / REG/17/16-17Supply and delivery of hardware, plumbing materials and paints
CU / REG/18/16-17Provision  of  Repair and maintenance  of Motor vehicles
CU / REG/19/16-17Provision  of  repair and servicing of Photocopiers ,printers  and other IT related Equipment
CU / REG/20/16-17Provision  of  Repair and servicing of Laboratory equipment
CU / REG/21/16-17Provision  of  Hotel, Accommodation and Conference facilities
CU / REG/22/16-17Provision  of  Courier services
CU / REG/23/16-17Provision of  Air Travel Agency services
CU / REG/24/16-17Provision of consultancy services for customer satisfaction, staff competency and work environment surveys
CU / REG/25/16-17Provision of   sanitary disposal  services
CU / REG/26/16-17Provision of  fumigation and pest control services
CU / REG/27/16-17Supply of Newspapers, journals and magazines
CU / REG/28/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Computer, Laptops, UPS, Projectors and other IT related Machines
CU / REG/29/16-17Supply and delivery of kitchen ware, cutlery and crockery
CU / REG/30/16-17Supply and delivery of Electronic materials
CU / REG/31/16-17Supply and delivery of dry foodstuff
CU / REG/32/16-17Supply and delivery of cleaning materials
CU / REG/33/16-17Supply and delivery of promotional materials (T-shirts,caps,banners and posters)
CU / REG/34/16-17Supply and delivery of stationery materials.
CU / REG/35/16-17Provision  of  Printing  services
CU / REG/36/16-17Provision of  event management services e.g Catering, Tents, Chairs and Public Address system
CU / REG/37/16-17Provision of small works
CU / PREQ/38/16-17Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture, Fittings and Office Equipment
CU / PREQ /39/16-17Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Equipment, glassware and apparatus
CU /PREQ/40/16-17Supply and Delivery of Teaching Chemical and Laboratory Reagents.
CU / PREQ /41/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Uniforms, protective gear, Curtains and Liners
CU / PREQ /42/16-17Supply and Delivery of  Medical Equipment and Reagents
CU / PREQ /43/16-17Supply and installation of computer software
CU / PREQ /44/16-17Supply and installation of data cabling, networking and equipment
CU / PREQ /45/16-17Supply and Delivery of Graduation gowns
CU / PREQ /46/16-17Supply and Delivery of library books, journals and periodicals

Bidders who download the registration and prequalification documents MUST email their company details (Name, postal address, telephone Number and the tender number) they have downloaded to [email protected]. To be eligible, the bidders MUST provide copies of MANDATORYdocuments as stated in the registration and Pre-Qualification documents. Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelope indicating the “TENDER NUMBER”AND “NAME” without identifying the sender should be addressed to

The Vice Chancellor

Chuka University

P.O.BOX 109-60400


Telephone: 020 2310512

Or placed in the Tender Box at the Chuka University in the Vice-Chancellor’s office ON OR BEFORE Thursday 25th August, 2016 at 12.00 Noon.

Opening of bids will take place immediately thereafter at Chuka University pavillion hall in the presence of bidders /their representatives who may choose to attend. Bids submitted later than this date and time shall be returned unopened. The Youth Women and persons with Disability are encouraged to apply for all tenders as  long as the meet the requirements