Chuka University Opening Dates 2016

By | April 23, 2019

Chuka University Opening Dates 2016, the opening date for the 2015 KCSE candidates admitted to Chuka University shall be Monday 5th September, 2016 at 8.00 am. Orientation of the first year students shall commence on 7th September, 2016. All the first year students  MUST attend orientation to gain vital information about University life.

The admitted students should note that registered admission letters have been posted by EMS to the postal addresses they provided. Students should, therefore, visit their respective post offices to collect the admission letters in person. All the first year students should visit the Chuka University website ( to confirm their admission particulars.

Missing Postal Addresses:

The first year students listed below who were admitted to Chuka University, but did not provide postal addresses should visit the University to collect their letters in person from the Registrar (AA)’s Office. Alternatively, they may  email the postal addresses to: [email protected], or call 020-2329073 for any clarifications.

Continuing Students:

Al I continuing 2nd to 4th year students shall open for registration on 8th September, 2016 at 8.00 am., without fail.

Commencement of Teaching and Learning:

Teaching and learning for all students for the 2016/2017 Academic Year shall commence on 12th September, 2016 at 8.00 am., without fail.

HELB Funds:

All students wishing to obtain loan funds from the H EL B should check the H EL B website ( for application instructions and then apply directly to HELB.  Dead!ine is 30/9/2016.