Chuka University Ladies

By | April 18, 2019

Chuka University Ladies, Chuka University has a wide variety of lady students most of whom normally look really desperate. Some Chuka university girls are desperate for attention, others are desperate love, others desperate for sex, others desperate for money, sponsors and so much more.

It is due to this reason that Chukaunigossip team decided to compile #TheCompleteList of top seven hostels that harbor a considerable number of desperate ladies in Chuka University. So if you are looking to find one who is deeply desperate for some love, sex or attention, then you have arrived at the point of help.

Check out these 7 top hostels where you won’t miss a desperate chick;

1. Royal Pala

This hostel is located 200 metres from Ndagani market centre. Ladies in this hostel are mainly desperate for water. We nicknamed this hostel, “The Kalahari”. According to our sources, the bedsitters in this hostel have sinks, taps and toilet bowls that have never seen water for the last 5 months. Most girls from this hostel probably avoid showering on certain days.

2. Almak Hostels

This hostel is located almost a kilometre from the school (kidding maybe half-a-kilometre). Their rooms are so tiny with extremely large bathrooms… why? No idea. Lots of beautiful girls live in this hostel but they are desperate for love. They want boyfriends that can give them long romantic walks to Ndagani to purchase beef and back to their room.

3. Prisol Hostel

This one storey hostel is located in the ‘mashinani’ regions of Chuka University. They have spacious rooms, separate cooking places and beautiful bathrooms. A number of girls live in this hostel and are known to be extremely desperate for money. Last week we discussed #TheCompleteList of top socialites and semi-socialites in Chuka and Prisol harbors 20% of them.

4.Ray Place

This hostel is located just a few yards before Almak hostels (the building structures even look alike). It’s an expensive for nothing hostel very congested, not well ventilated rooms. It’s hard to find a student living in Ray Place for more than two semesters. Ladies living in this hostel are usually desperate for other girls’ boyfriends. They normally want to hang out with men in their rooms, drink cheap alcohol on Fridays or head over to Kimwa in large groups. 

5. Beverly Hills Hostels

You all know that hostel with a large black gate and is opposite Chuka University’s main gate A across the Meru-Nairobi highway. Just like the Beverly Hills of the United States, only rich kids live in this hostel and we all know of a popular Chuka Uni socialite who lives here too. Girls in this hostel are only desperate for compliments, they are all on Instagram, Facebook and twitter posting selfies taken with their sponsors’ iPhones. So guys just comment “sexy, hot, beauty” under their photos.

6. Blessed Centre Hostel

Just a few blocks away from Ray Place is a tall slim building called Blessed Centre. NCA should scan this building and give us a report before I write any defaming statement on this post. Anyway, rooms in this hostel are cubicles with just a bed, one socket, chair and a table. Everyone in this hostel at least has a sh.3000 worth sub-woofer to break the deafening silence in the hostel. Ladies in this building are known to be desperate for sex.

7. 2014 Hostel

Located in a food centre opposite the Chuka University pavilion. I would say people who live in this hostel are serious food lovers. First off, at the front of the hostel is a ‘gas cylinders’ depot, at the side is a grocery stall and right across the weather road is a tiny hotel and an ice cream stand. I’m not sure if they are this desperate for junk food or desperate for sponsors which is why they already have a parking space outside their gate….