Chuka University Faculty Of Education

By | April 18, 2019

Chuka University Faculty Of Education, the Department of Education in Chuka University offers education, training and development for human resource meant to promote education objectives in Kenya and beyond. For this purpose the department is committed to giving an inclusive curriculum capable of producing a dynamic teacher and educational managers capable of operating in diverse environments.

To achieve this, the department will create awareness on the range of services, products and operations available, the standards the Department has put in place, identification of its clients, resolution mechanism in the vent of dissatisfaction, expression of the Department’s commitment to its vision and mission, and the need to continuously improve the quality of services, products and operations offered in pursuit of customer satisfaction. The objective of this Department is commitment to offering high quality services and products to its customers.

Our Vision 

To be a leading department in the provision of quality education, training and research for sustainable national and global development

Our Mission 

To work with other stake holders to provide, promote life- long education, training and research for sustainable development.

Programmes Offered in the Department

The department staff members and their collaborators have published 20 papers to date in refereed journals.

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