Chuka University Facilities

By | April 18, 2019

Chuka University Facilities, the department of student’s welfare is charged with the responsibility of offering services to cater for all the welfare of the students. The aim is to create, develop and promote an environment that supports and enhances both academic pursuits and foster individual growth and stimulates creativity. The department’s main activities include:

  1. Guidance and counselling.
  2. Games, sports and recreation.
  3. Chaplaincy unit to address the religious and spiritual issues and activities.
  4. Recruitment and placement services.
  5. Students’ leadership and training.
  6. Work-study and linkages with other resource organizations.
  7. Students exchange Programmes
  8. Facilitation of clubs and societies activities.

Accommodation and Catering Services

The University College provides accommodation to the students who apply for it subject to availability of space. It facilitates search for and recommends good hostels for the non resident students. The first year students are usually given priority in campus room allocation . Catering services are provided at the cafeteria on a pay-as-you-eat arrangement. The choice of meals is varied and the cost of food is subsidized for the students.

Spiritual Issues and Activities

Students are advised and encouraged to attend the spiritual services and participate actively in other social activities meant for nurturing spiritual, psychological and social welfare. The University College has registered the following religious groups which are facilitated through the Chaplaincy Unit. i. The protestant students’ service is held on Sundays at 8.30 A.M. in the campus and is facilitated by the Christian Union leaders and the patron. ii. The Catholics Sunday service is facilitated by the YCS leaders and their patron. iii. The SDA services are conducted on Saturdays by the leaders and the patron iv. The Muslims community services is held on Fridays at the Chuka Town Mosque ( 1 km from the Campus)

Counselling Services

The purpose of this section is to assist students in the development of skills for establishing and maintaining effective and satisfying personal and social relationships. It also helps them in the formulation and implementation of their educational and career plans. Counselling services also facilitate students self -understanding and self acceptance. The students are also assisted in the areas of guidance, growth nurturing, helping them cope with crises and learning how to resolve problems.

These counselling services are implemented through the use of professional students’ counsellors, chaplains, academic advisors and the peer counsellors. The staff in the medical department are also available to be consulted or to handle referral cases.

Games, Sports and Recreation

The University College provides sporting facilities and programmes not only for competition but also for leisure and recreation. Facilities are provided for both indoor games (darts, scrabble, table tennis, chess and badminton) and other games like soccer, basket ball, netball, volleyball, rugby, handball and athletics.

Chuka University Students Association

The students’ Association referred to as CUSA is an organization that represents all Chuka University students.The students’ Welfare Department works closely with the students’ Association which is their governing body. Through CUSA, the students organize their collective views and activities in the university. Students’ Clubs and Societies Students are encouraged to organize themselves into clubs and societies for ease of interaction and flow of information. The professional clubs organize symposia among other activities in the University.