Chuka University Departments

By | April 18, 2019

Chuka University Departments, the establishment of Chuka University was foretold way back in 1951 by a famous philanthropist and seer by the name Jerusha Kanyua , who said that a mountain would come up at Ndagani. The seer was known for her passion for education even though she never went to any formal school. Surprising to the people of the time, Jerusha could follow Bible verses and sing from hymn books though she was illiterate.

The advice she had for the young people then was that a pen should be like a spear and a book should be like a shield. With the establishment of Chuka University at Ndagani 58 years later, the vision of Jerusha has been fulfilled.

Computer Science16Members

Department of Environmental Studies 14Members

Department of Physical Sciences12Members

Biological Sciences5Members

Faculty of Arts and Humanities4Members

Department of Animal Science3Members

Department of Business Administration3Members

Department of Plant Sciences3Members

Department of Biochemistry2Members

Department of Education2Members

Department of Geography2Members

Environmental Studies2Members

Department of Physics1Member

Department of Plant Science1Member

Environmental Science1Member

Department of Chemistry

Department of Criminology

Department of Economics

Department of Finance

Department of Nursing

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Science and Technology

School of Business