Chuka University Computer Science

By | April 17, 2019

Chuka University Computer Science, to be a renowned Department in a Premier University for the provision of quality education, training, and
research for sustainable national and global development.


To generate, preserve and share knowledge for effective leadership in higher education, training, evaluation, research and outreach through nurturing an intellectual culture that integrates theory with practice and innovation.

Quality Objectives

  • To provide high quality services and training in Computer science and to our students.
  • To Conduct teaching and learning activities in the department of Computer  Science.
  • To carry out research and innovation in Computer science for social and economic development.
  • To adhere to good governance, leadership and management of departmental affairs.
  • To recommend for recruitment highly qualified staff in Computer science disciplines.
  • Create awareness of the biology of HIV/AIDS among departmental staff and students.
  • To provide technical advice on ICT matters relating to hardware,software and networks
  • To provide IT and Communication services in support of teaching and research at Chuka university.
  • Programmes Offered


Among the 30 strategic objectives identified by CU is the development and enhancement of ICT and networking services. This cannot be realized without the establishment of an up-to-date ICT infrastructure to facilitate quick flow of information and exchange of ideas. This will help stimulate scholarship, efficiency and innovations through improved communication networks. In the higher education sector, the adoption and use of ICT services is realized through the extent to which ICT supports and fosters innovative research, learning and teaching in addition to supporting administrative processes. In line with this, Chuka University is rapidly developing its ICT infrastructure.

The DCSICT department has the mandate to provide technical advice on ICT matters relating to hardware, software and networks. The centre also provides IT and communication services in support of teaching and research at Chuka University. These include:

  • Providing specification for acquisition of hardware, software and ICT networking components and accessories.
  • Maintaining and repairing of all computing equipment.
  • Design and installation of communication networks.
  • Facilitating the use of ICT in teaching and research.
  • Enforcing software licensing compliance and ICT standards in the University.