Chuka University Business Complex

By | April 17, 2019

Chuka University Business Complex, The eve of graduation at Chuka University saw Chuka University pavilion ground transform to a bee hive activity site. The deans, lectures, students and workers are busy preparing the grounds for the great day THE SECOND GRADUATION CEREMONY.

The decorations are breath taking with blue, yellow and white colors reigning. The seats though enough to hold all the graduates and special guests will not hold all those present and most people will have to sit at the far end of the field. And if you arrive early you could be among the few to sit under the five tents.

Sound technologists are already at the grounds preparing and testing the equipment’s to ensure nothing misses the  the ears of all those present. Cleanliness should not be your concern since the grounds were spotless.

Being a big day for the graduates they will be treated as such and each graduate will sit on a chair with his/her name on it. The sitting arrangement will be such that each faculty has its position. As for those interested with the food topic the guests have beautifully decorated tents beside the pavilion. Well the rest will be directed tomorrow.

Security has not been left at stake since everyone will be thoroughly checked the graduates and the parents will be required to show their cards while the students will also require their student Identity cards. The photographers also have their special area. Their tents will be placed at the graduation ground edges.

Chuka University was the first institution of higher learning to be established in Eastern Province.