Best and Marketable Courses To Study in Kenya in 2018

By | October 13, 2017

Best and Marketable Courses To Study in Kenya in 2018

If you are planning to enroll for a degree course in 2018, you better analyze and determine which course is currently trending in the Kenyan job market. The best courses, based on the current job market trends, are those with few graduates and with high demand. Such courses are few and only available in few universities. We list them based on our own market research.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security Management

Bachelor of Criminology and Security Management is one of the fastest growing degree courses in Kenya. The rate at which employers are looking for this graduate is crazy.NGOs, the government, security firms and banks are all looking for qualified graduates from this sector.

One of the reasons why this course is attracting attention is because the demand for security managers as well as forensic experts is increasingly growing, forcing more universities to incorporate this program into their curriculum.

You can’t go wrong by enrolling for this course at any popular university in Kenya…and to make yourself more marketable, add a professional course, which is Certified Fraud Examiner.

Bachelor of Commerce +CFA/ACCA

Bachelor of commerce is one of the most flooded course in Kenya, but that does not make it less appealing to employers. If you are planning to study this course,go on but remember to pursue a marketable professional certificate to back it up. The best certificate to study in this case is either Chartered Financial Analyst or ACCA; these two certificates have global recognition, which is a plus for any individual pursuing bachelor of commerce.

It will be very unfortunate for you if you study bachelor of commerce minus a professional course-employers might reject you because they know you are not qualified enough to do major duties in their organization. The competition will also become so much that you will find it hard to land any significant position.

Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education

Bachelor of education and special education is another course I would encourage anyone to pursue, especially those who are enthusiastic about education.

The demand for Sign language interpreters and other professionals in special needs education field is increasing each and every day; radios, Televisions, musicians, NGOs, education sector, banks and other institutions are all in need of these people to help disadvantaged groups perform their duties.

If you are told to choose between bachelor of education and bachelor of special needs education, please go for the latter (bachelor of special needs education)

Bachelor of GIS and Remote Sensing

If you identify a university in Kenya offering bachelor of GIS and Remote Sensing, don’t think twice, enroll for this course. GIS analysts are on demand in this country, and the good this is that there are few people with these skills.

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery is not only the most marketable course in Kenya, but also among the highest paying careers in the world.

I know you would want to study for this course but you lack finances and necessary grades to put you into the system, well, start small, probably at diploma level and later join degree level when you are financially stable.

The good thing about medicine is that you won’t spend all your time searching for employment, jobs are readily available. Another interesting thing is that in this profession, even if you open a clinic where the population is low, you will still make good money.

In medicine, the motivating factor is money, money, money and money.

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor pharmacy, just like medicine will drive you into financial freedom. The moment you switch your mind that your career is this, you will find yourself swimming in money few years later.

What you need in this career is to start your own pharmacy, and you will be there.

Bachelor of Applied Statistics with IT/Bachelor of Statistics

Bachelor of Applied Statistics with IT involves data analysis, statistical modelling and monitoring and evaluation. This course is pursued at several universities in Kenya but the best universities include Maseno, Moi, UoN and JKUAT

The good thing about this course is that you can always employ yourself as a data analyst, if at all you miss opportunities in the job market.

What I would encourage you is to pursue a professional course like CIFA, CFA or ACCA to make yourself more appealing to employers.

A graduate of statistics can work as an accountant, financial analyst, investment analyst, monitoring and evaluation officer, project manager, statistician, actuary, policy analyst, economist etc.

Bachelor of Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation skills are needed in the NGO sector, as well as the government. These opportunities often go to individuals with monitoring and evaluation courses or statistics background.

As you know, NGOs are the best paying institutions in Kenya, which means with your M&E degree, you won’t earn less than Ksh100,000.

Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology

If you want to be a dentist,this is the course you should enroll for.By the way, a dentist in Kenya makes an average of Ksh 5,000 per day.

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management

Real Estate sector is growing tremendously in Kenya, translating to the growth of real estate careers. If you pursue a course in real estate, alongside CFA,I promise you won’t earn less than Ksh150,000 per month.

Bachelor of software engineering

I will encourage you to start looking for a school offering this course, even now. We are living in a fast growing world where companies are coming up with innovative technology to make transaction and business more optimal. Software engineers are required to perform programming for development of softwares and applications.

Companies like IBM, Google, Facebook, Safaricom and other will come for you if at all they realize you are top of the game. Your salary will definitely be not less than Ksh250,000

Actuarial Science+professional papers

Actuarial science is still glamorous but you need to add professional papers offered by the Society of Actuaries or Institute of actuaries so as to realize the full benefits of the course.

Actuaries work in the insurance companies and actuarial firms, they model risks, pension payments and trends in businesses. They salaries are extremely good, especially when they have the required professional certificates.

Bachelor of Law

Lawyers earn good salaries but the pay comes after they practice for some time, say 5 years. Lawyers like Donald Kipkorir, Paul Muite, Patrick Lumuma, Ahmedinassir and Cliff Ombeta  make a fortune out of their work. In this profession, you can make up to Ksh30 million per month.

Bachelor of Architecture/Quantity Survey

These two courses go hand in hand. If you study architecture, no doubt you will be successful, if you study quantity survey you will too be successful.

Do you know designing a house like UAP towers, which cost over Ksh5 billion will earn you 10 % of the total cost of constructing the house?!!!!!

Bachelor of Economics and Finance/Bachelor of Economics and Statistics+CFA

Don’t pursue any of these courses if you are not planning to pursue CFA, you will be frustrated. Immediately you enroll for bachelor of economics and finance, start thinking on how you will tackle CFA,which is global hot cake.

Bachelor of economics and statistics is also good but it needs some ingredients. To make it more interesting, add CIFA,ACCA or CFA.


If you are financially stable,join university courses that would lead to a career in piloting-this is where there is money.