African Leadership University January 2018 Intake

By | November 10, 2017

African Leadership University January 2018 Intake

African Leadership University January 2018 Intake is ongoing. Applicants are to apply after making sure that they meet the admission requirements and qualify for application.

We appreciate the diverse background and experiences of all our applicants and have therefore designed an online application process that gives you an opportunity to show us who you are, as well as reflect on some of your strengths and achievements.

Each component of the process can be accessed through the application portal. The application process consists of the following:

Undergrad Admissions

Application Form


  • Personal Information
    This includes your personal demographic information. Please ensure that all the information in this section is accurate as it appears on any legal or national identification documents that you have.
  • Educational History
    Tell us about your secondary and post-secondary school experiences.
  • Academic Information
    In order to understand your educational experience to date, you will be required to provide your recent academic records. These include semester/term transcripts and reports, national or international examination results and/or university transcripts if applicable.
  1. School Reports
    We require reports that you received from your school at the end of each term or semester. You must upload the three most recent school reports of your final school year e.g. term 1, term 2 and term 3 of grade 12. The reports should clearly depict your name, the name of your school, the class level (e.g. grade 12, term 2) and the grades you received in each of your subjects.
  2. National Exam TranscriptThis should be the official transcript or certificate issued by the national examinations board in your country. The transcript should clearly depict your name, the name of the examination and the grades you received in each of your subjects.
  3. University Transcripts
    If you attended university or have received any post-secondary qualifications you may upload them on your application portal.
  • Short Essays
    ALU’s unique and open approach to learning makes our culture here a special one. Our general application consists of essay questions designed to tell us more about you, how you think and how your experiences have shaped who you are today. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your achievements and anything you think an admissions committee should know.
  • Critical Thinking
    This part of the application will show us how you think and approach problems by assessing your responses to various scenarios. Your responses will be judged for logic, clarity, relevance, coherence, depth, consistency, and fairness.



If you know someone who can give us even more insight into your leadership and/or academic potential then we encourage you to submit a recommendation. If you choose to submit a recommendation you will be required to enter your recommenders contact details (name and email address) on your application portal. An email will automatically be sent directly to your recommender with a link to a recommendation form that they must fill in and submit before the deadline. This recommendation is completely confidential and will not be visible to the student at any time. This section of the application is entirely optional.

How should you choose your recommender?
A recommender should be a person who knows you well and who has had significant and meaningful interactions with you. They should be people who have seen and experienced how you work in teams, how you engage with others and how you handle yourself in various situations. They might also be someone who has a good understanding of your academic potential.

English Proficiency Assessment

  • English
  • Français
  • Português

If applicable

If you are a non-English speaking student or if English is not your strength you must take an assessment to determine whether you will be required to participate in ALU’s English Immersion Programme which begins approximately 2.5 months prior to the start of the academic year.

You must complete this assessment if you meet any one of the following criteria:

  • The primary language spoken at home is not English
  • The primary language that school studies were completed in is not English
  • University level coursework delivered in English could not be successfully completed without supplemental English classes or lessons.

Even if you come from an English speaking or bilingual country (e.g. you are from Rwanda and you speak mostly Kinyarwanda or you are from Tanzania and you speak mostly Swahili at home) but you know that you would benefit from taking additional English support then please take the English Proficiency Assessment.


Application Deadlines
For Early Action Decision 3 Jan 2018
Regular Decisions 1 2 April 2018
Regular Decisions 2 31 May 2018
Deadlines for Non-English Speaking Applicants
For Mauritius and Rwanda Campuses 30 April 2018

For more detailed information about deadlines click here. Applications open October 2018.