2016/2017 Admission Forms For Kiriri women’s University

By | August 12, 2017

2016/2017 Admission Forms For Kiriri women’s University

View Kiriri women’s University Academic Programmes Here

Below is the list of Kiriri women’s university academic programmes.

Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Science Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science Mathematics

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management

Diploma in Sales and Marketing

Diploma in Procurement and Supplies Management

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Diploma in Public Relations Management

Diploma in International Business Management

Diploma in Banking and Finance

Diploma in Multi Media

Diploma in Risk and Insurance

Diploma in Economics

Diploma in Information & Communication Technology

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education

Certificate Programmes

Certificate in Business Administration

Certificate in Purchasing & Supplies Management

Certificate in Marketing Management

Certificate in Guidance and Counselling

Certificate in Corruption Prevention and Integrity

Certificate in Disaster Management

Certificate in Leadership and Management

Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Peace

Certificate in Early Childhood Development & Education

Upcoming Programmes

BSc.Computer & Information Technology

BSc. Actuarial Science

Bachelor of Law (LL.B)

B.A. Education

Post Graduate

Application Procedure

Application forms to the degree programmes are available from the Admissions Office at a non-refundable fee of KES 1,000 for local applicants and US$ 55 for foreign applicants.

Application forms to the bridging courses are available from the Admissions Office at a non-refundable fee of KES 1,000 for local applicants and US$ 15 for foreign applicants.

Completed application forms should be returned with the following attachments:

  1. Relevant result slip
  2. School leaving certificate
  3. 2 letters of reference one of which should be from the Head teacher/ Principal of the high school attended
  4. 3 Passport sized photographs

Download forms

To apply for a place at KWUST, you are required to complete an application form. Below are the application forms along with details of how to compete them and the required recommendation forms. There are two sets of forms; one for the degree programme and one for the bridging courses.


Each semester, we award scholarships to our girls. These are based on financial need and on outstanding academic performance. Students who make it to the Deans List are automatically eligible for a scholarship.

Download Scholarship Form

Meals and accomodation

Secure, safe and affordable accommodation is available at the University Main Campus at the rate of KES 6,400/= per semester

Meals are provided at the university cafeteria at highly subsidised prices.