All About Moi Forces Academy Nairobi

All About Moi Forces Academy Nairobi

Moi Forces Academy Nairobi is located along Juja Road next to Moi Air Base-Eastleigh, Nairobi.It is a unique institution in that starts from Nursery, Pre-Unit and Primary referred to as (Primary Division) and the Secondary Division.

The Primary division is headed by a Headteacher responsible to the Principal who manages the Academy. The whole Academy has one Parents Teachers Association under the overall management of the Board of Governors. However the day to day management of the primary division falls under the Director of Nairobi City Education while the secondary division is under the Nairobi Provincial Director of Education. Therefore most of the Academy facilities are used by both the Primary and Secondary divisions.

Moi Forces Academy Nairobi is the brainchild of His Excellence the former President of the Republic of Kenya, Hon, Daniel Toroitich arap Moi. Through his efforts the school was started in 1980.

The Academy is sponsored by the Ministry of State for Defense. The school is situated in Nairobi 8 kilometers from Nairobi Central business district.

Moi Forces Nairobi Details

Moi Forces Academy, Nairobi was started with the aim to building a centre of Excellence for the children of the Armed Forces personnel. The dream has been realized as is captured in the School Vision. “TO BE A CENTRE OF QUALITY LEARNING FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE”.

The school is a public National school which admits children for the Armed Forces personnel and for the civilians. It is a unique school that starts from Nursery to Form four.

The Academy has a mixed day primary division which has a nursery stream, triple stream, pre-unit class and triple stream standard one to eight. The secondary division has four streams from form one to four.

The Academy prepares candidates for both KCPE and KCSE each.

Moi Forces Academy is highly reputed for the quality of its education and academic excellence. Since its inception, it has produced the best candidates nationally in KCPE.

Moi Forces Academy Nairobi Results

The Academy, whose motto is “EXCELLENCE OUR COMMITMENT” admits students from diverse social-cultural backgrounds who are always committed to work towards excellence in all aspects of the school activities. Moi Forces Academy boasts of a high profile of many successful alumni’s: Engineers, doctors e.t.c.

The current Principal is Mr. P. Warui

The Academy is sponsored by the Department of Defense (DOD)

Moi Forces Academy, Nairobi is a unique school that starts from Nursery to Form Four. The Academy has a Nursery stream, triple Pre-unit class, triple stream standard One to Eight and four streams from Form One to Four.

The Academy prepares candidates for both K.C.P.E. and K.C.S.E. each year.

The Primary Division is mixed day school while Secondary Division is a boys’ only boarding school.

The Academy is run by a team of qualified teachers posted by the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC). There is also a team of dedicated supportive staff who cater for the welfare of the students.

Moi Forces Academy Nairobi Contacts

School Name: Moi Forces Academy

Physical Location: Juja Road
Address: P.O. Box 77155 Nairobi 00611
City/Town : Nairobi
County: Nairobi
School Category: public
School Code : 20400008
Phone Number: 020-6761155/6