All About Maryhill School Thika

All About Maryhill School Thika

Maryhill Girls High School is a girls’ national boarding school situated in Thika along Thika – Gatukuyu road.  The school has a student population of 1222 students currently. It is a six streamed school offering seventeen subjects in the 8-4-4- curriculum.  The school also offers a variety of other co-curricular activities such as Drama, Music, variety of games like hockey, swimming, volleyball, tennis to name but a few.


To provide equal educational opportunities for the Kenyan girl child. To develop her full potential in a multicultural and competitive environment through discipline, moral and spiritual development and to foster skills in self-reliance, leadership and responsibility based on team work, efficiency,commitment and diligence.



Maryhill Girls High School Details

Maryhill Girls’ High School was founded in 1933 when some great missionary women (Sisters of Our Lady of Africa) answered the call of serving the children who were born of mixed races in East Africa. These children were discriminated upon on the African, European and Asian Schools. The school acquired its name from Mary Mother of Jesus and the hill on which it stands. Soon after independence, the school acquired a new phase where the first bright African girls were admitted and Maryhill became one of the most prestigious schools in the country. The school was later turned into a public school. In 1989 when the school presented the first candidates in 8-4-4 system of education.

Maryhill High School Thika is manned by 65 teachers under the wise leadership of Mrs. Imelda A. Barasa.  There are over 40 support staff members who also play a vital role in the running of the school.  Various Departments  and committees comprising of the teaching staff are also in place to enhance the smooth running of the school such as the, examinations department, discipline committee , guidance and counseling department among others. Assisting in the smooth running of the school is a team of the Prefects Body. They assist in maintaining order and cleanliness in the school.   Maryhill Students are warm, receptive and disciplined.  They undertake their activities with a zeal and are result oriented. The students are also intelligent and rational in their judgement. The school is endowed with classrooms, dormitories, kitchen and dining hall, computer lab, science labs (3), home science rooms to name but a few of the facilities available.

The environment is very conducive for learning as there are no disturbances from the outside world.

Maryhill Girls High School Thika

Maryhill High School Results

Maryhill Girls High School Results will be updated soon…

Maryhill Girls High School Contacts

School Name: Maryhill Girls High School
Physical Location: Along Thika-Gatukuyu Road
Address: P.O. Box 9-0100, Thika
City/Town : Thika
County: Kiambu
School Category: public
School Code : 11200006
Phone Number: 254 6724188