All About Loreto High School Limuru

All About Loreto High School Limuru

Loreto High School Limuru is an all girls’ National School located in Karambaini, in the green highlands of Limuru, Kiambu County, Central Kenya approximately 28 km /45 minutes from the capital city, Nairobi, Kenya.

School Motto: United in Love and Peace

Vision: To be a centre of instilling positive values and attaining high academic standards.

Mission: Provision of Quality Education through holistic growth of the girl-child to nurture women of integrity and intellect who will be agents of positive change.

Loreto High School Limuru opened its doors to the first batch of students on 4 December 1936. The founders this school were Loreto Sisters who came from Ireland to Kenya in 1921 as Catholic Missionaries. The original vision of the founders this school was to educate African girls, who during those days were denied the right to an Academic Education.

The pioneers of Loreto High School Limuru which today has become one of the leading educational institutions in the country were sisters S.M. Dolores Stafford, S.M. Theresa Joseph O’Sullivan and S.M. Veronica Bradley. They believed, as did Mary Ward, foundress of the Loreto Sisters in 1609, that through education “Women in time to come would do much”. True to this vision today Loreto High school can boast of laying foundation for personalities such as Wangaari Mathaai who won Nobel ‘ peace Prize for protecting the environment.

The first task of the sisters was to prepare the girls to sit for the primary examination. They proudly began with 7 girls but due to severe cold and mist which is common in Limuru in the months of winter, on 1 August 1937 all of them disappeared overnight. Later they returned and in 1938 four girls sat the Primary Examination and began their Teacher Training course.

The first secondary class began on 1947. 1954 was a proud day for the school. The first two students Mary Sekunda Wanjiru and Merioth Wairimu sat for the Senior Cambridge Certificate Examination and passed well. This was the beginning of a record of excellence in public examinations, which continues in Loreto High School Limuru to the present time. During this and the following years, up to today the school is one of the top in the country in extra-curricular activities such as Netball, Hockey and Music Festival.

In 1956 a double stream was admitted. There were between 20–26 girls per the class. In 1958, Loreto was categorised as a National School, a status it still holds. In 1970 Loreto was given the permission to start “A level” Arts class and in 1981 the school was given “A” level” Science stream and an Additional Science Laboratory was set up. Since then, a rapid expansion of the existing facilities, gradual replacement of old buildings and establishment of the new infrastructures have taken place. This was possible through the hard work of the Board of Governors and the Parents Teachers’ Association and the support of Ministry of Education.

In 1986 Kenya underwent a new era in the field of Secondary Education, with the introduction of the 8-4-4, syllabus. In addition to this Loreto was given another challenge of starting a third stream, bringing the number of students to over 500.

In 1996 the Loreto High School Limuru celebrated a jubilant 60th anniversary where His Excellency the President graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. This school continued its growth. In 1999 a 4th stream was introduced and in 2002 it became a four streamed school with 40 students per class.

In 2011 the Loreto High School Limuru introduced a 5th stream. Today the school has a population of over 800 students, over 45 teaching staff and over 50 support staff.

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Loreto High School Limuru

Loreto High School Limuru Contacts

School Name: Loreto High School Limuru
Physical Location: Karambaini
Address: P.O. Box Private Bag Limuru 00217
City/Town : Kiambu
County: Kiambu
School Category: public
School Code : 11200005
Phone Number: 020-2023196