All About Bunyore Girls High School

All About Bunyore Girls High School

Bunyore Girls High School is located in the Emuhaya constituency in Wekhomo . Bunyore Girls High School is in part of the Vihiga distict in the Western province of Kenya.

Bunyore Girls High School is a Girls Boarding school. The schools sponsorship is listed as Religious Organization. The School Institution Type is classified as – Integrated. This Secondary School in Kenya has an enrolment of 962 with a student teacher ratio of 21.9 and a total teaching staff of 44 people. This school has a total acreage of 13.5.

About Bunyore Town

Bunyore is a locality in the Vihiga County in the western province of Kenya. It is largely inhabited by Luhya, who speak the OLunyole dialect of the Luhya language. In the local language, the place is known as “Ebunyole” and its people as the “Abanyole”. It is divided into eight locations namely Central Bunyore, West Bunyore, South Bunyore, South-West Bunyore, East Bunyore, North Bunyore, North East Bunyore, and Wekhomo. Prior to 1990, Bunyore was a location under Kakamega District, divided into East and West Bunyore sublocations. As new divisions were created, the former West Bunyore was split into Central, West, South and South West locations while the former East Bunyore was split into North, North East, Wekhomo and East Bunyore locations.

Contact Bunyore Girls High School

School Name: Bunyore Girls
School Code No: 38600003
Type of School: Girls Boarding
County: Vihiga County
Physical Address:
Postal Address: P.O.Box 165, Maseno 40105
Tel: +254 020 2311912
School Description:  National School
Website :