All About Alliance High School

All About Alliance High School

Alliance High School (or AHS) popularly known as “Bush”, was the first school in Kenya to offer secondary school education to Africans. It was founded on 1 March 1926 by the Alliance of Protestant Churches – The Church of Scotland Mission (later known as the Presbyterian Church of East Africa or PCEA), Church of the Province of Kenya (CPK), African Inland Church (AIC), and the Methodist Church.

Alliance High School is situated in Kikuyu, about 22 kilometers (12 miles) from Nairobi’s central business district. The school is a 10-minute walk from the Alliance Girls’ High School, which has been its sister school.

Alliance High School Results

Alliance boys High School has always been ranked within the top ten best schools in each year’s National Examinations. It was ranked first in the country from 1960 to 1985. In 1986 it lost its top ranking for the first time in 25 years, slipping to third. It was ranked first in the country in 2005 based on the results of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). In 2006 its rank dropped to third. In 2009 and 2010, the school emerged top in the KCSE results posting sterling performance. In 2011, the school dropped one place to second. In 2013 the school was on top again with a mean grade of A- beating other famous schools like Starehe Boys’ Centre and School

Alliance High  schools’ motto is “Strong to Serve“. The Old Boys association has a website and a Yahoo group known as Bushfire. The school’s principal is David Gideon Kariuki.

Alliance High School – Activities

Alliance Boys High School is a participant in the national sports festival. The following games are offered at the school: athletics, badminton, basketball, football (soccer), handball, hockey, lawn tennis, rugby football, swimming and table tennis.

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The school has three basketball courts, two football pitches, two hockey pitches, a swimming pool, a handball field, an athletics track and a gymnasium with table tennis.

The school has several exchange programs but the longest running ones are the Brooks Exchange Program and the Sir John Leeman Exchange Program. There is also the Governor’s Exchange Program.

Every year, two form 3 students of outstanding character both inside and outside the classroom are chosen to participate in the Brooks Exchange Program. The two students usually serve as hosts to two other students from Brooks School. Unlike the Brooks Exchange Program, the Sir John Leeman Exchange Program takes place once every 2 years.

Alliance Boys High School – Culture

The Alliance High School community is rich in culture. The form ones take the unpopular tie test before they can be issue with the school’s blue tie. This test serves to educate the freshmen on the school’s history and current affairs at the school. Upon arrival, every form 1 student is assigned a ‘guardian’ who is a form 2 student who will help the new student find his way around the school in the first few weeks.

The art of ‘lifting’ is a common practice especially among form two and three students. Lifting is the process of one showing their leadership qualities through various ways so as to be considered for various leadership positions especially as prefects.