All About Alliance Girls High School

All About Alliance Girls High School

Alliance Girls High School is a national girls’ boarding school located near the small town of Kikuyu in the Kiambu District of the Central Province of Kenya, 20 km from Nairobi It is within walking distance from its brother school Alliance High School.

Alliance Girls School was founded in 1948 by the Alliance of Protestant Missions, Alliance Girls’ High School was the first institution of higher education for African girls in Kenya, and served in parallel lieu to Kenya High School that then only admitted European girls. Before independence it was called African Girls High School. Alliance Girls High School sits on 71 acres of land in Kiambu West district, Central Province.

The first 10 girls admitted to the school arrived on 28 February 1948. These girls were drawn from  all the different provinces in Kenya. This national outlook has been retained to-date. It has since been a pioneer of African education and is held as a vanguard academic elite and maintains close relations with its brother school, Alliance High School.

Admission at Alliance Girls High school

Admission is highly competitive. Only students who have impeccably done well at the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education are selected to attend. The school partakes of the national quota system that sees a balance in admission of students from all Kenyan Districts.

Alliance Girls High School Results

Alliance Girls Secondary School prides in its academic prowess. It maintains a top 10 position in the KCSE yearly. In 2011, the school emerged the 2nd National school, only after the Alliance High School, and 5th nationally.