Maasai Mara University Accommodation

By | May 30, 2019

Maasai Mara University Accommodation, Maasai Mara University recognizes the significance of providing suitable accommodation to its students. In managing and supporting accommodation, the University has developed few hostels for use by the students and is still to construct more. However, there is a greater demand for accommodation by the students than the available rooms. This means not all students will be accorded accommodation at any given time and they must seek alternative outside the University. Due to the limited accommodation space, it’s important that clear guidelines are provided on those who wish to get accommodation in the University


Maasai Mara University was established with a mission to provide quality University education through innovative teaching, research and consultancy service for development. The University’s operations are geared towards realizing its core functions namely; Training, Research and Community Service.

In terms of community service, the University has so far been able to provide job and business opportunities to community members. It has also been actively involved in environmental conservation and cultural activities among others. However, there is still need for more effort in the area of Community Service which entails development and provision of educational, cultural, professional, technical and vocational services to the community. An effective approach to achieve this goal would be increased access to university education by the community’s youth and other age groups.

This is due to the fact that by accessing university education, these groups, will in the long run be able to participate more effectively in promoting economic activities, locally or beyond. MMU will also endeavor to increase equity in the provision of university education particularly for the Maasai Community in Narok County and other disadvantaged people in the country in general. This will be done through affirmative action programmes in admission of students, setting up of university campuses and mounting of bridging

courses for school leavers who fail to attain the entry requirements for university admission. Maasai Mara University will aim at producing graduates who are socially responsible and have skills, attitudes and entrepreneurial spirit necessary in the development of this country as outlined in Vision 2030 and beyond


To be a world class University committed to academic excellence for development.


To provide quality University education through innovative teaching, research and consultancy services for development 5.0 POLICY OBJECTIVE The objective of this policy is to provide guidelines on provision of accommodation to students on campus and how they are to conduct themselves in the Hostels


Maasai Mara University shall:

1) Give priority to students with disabilities in room allocation

2) Ensure the rooms are allocated on the basis of first come first served and those allocated must have met fee requirement for the semester as per the fee payment policy

3) Ensure the priority in room allocation is given to first year students

4) Ensure the students maintain the rooms for the period specified and paid for

5) Ensure that change of rooms is not allowed except with written permission of Dean of students or the Accommodation officer

6) Provide separate hostels for male and female students

7) Ensure safety and security of students in the hostels

8) Ensure that all students abide by the policy